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Braun - Series 3 Solo Electric Shaver

Braun Series 3 Solo Electric Shaver: With 3 floating cutter elements and a SensoFoil design, this shaver makes it easy to achieve a close shave of your face and neck. MicroComb technology grabs stray hairs, so you don't miss a spot.


PRODUCT DETAILS The Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision for uncompromising performance without sacrificing skin comfort. The FlexMotionTec delivers significantly more skin contact in problem areas* for an efficient shave with less skin pressure. Made in Germany, combining advanced technology with world-famous Braun design and quality standards.


DESCRIPTION The Braun Series 7 is the most advanced and premium electric shaver line from Braun. The Pulsonic technology with 10,000 micro vibrations helps capture more hair with every stroke – for Braun‘s most thorough and comfortable shave. The Series 7 electric shaver combines the most advanced Technology and Design. Braun Series 7‘s leading edge shaving technology three different Personalization Modes and a powerful Linear Motor. In addition, enjoy the convenience of Braun’s Clean & Renew system, which will clean, charge, lubricate and dry your electric razor at the touch of a button.

CLASSIC 7" Santoku, Hollow Edge - 4183-7 / 18 cm

The CLASSIC 7" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife is designed with a thinner blade than the traditional chef’s knife, at a 10° cutting edge, and gradually curves up at the very end providing a straighter edge. The hollow edge contains evenly spaced vertical indentations that create small air pockets between the blade and the food. These small air pockets gently push food off the blade and reduce the friction and drag when slicing.